Tuesday, March 01, 2016

All In One Guide to Body Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the things that irritates women the most, but we all can say that we feel 10 times better when we have hairless arms, legs and pits! There are many ways you can remove you body hair and today, I'm going to provide you girls with a guide to body hair removal for women.

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  1. Shaving
    Shaving involves the use of a razor-blade which cuts the hair on the skin's surface, It's very effective for arms and legs and you can use it basically anywhere that you want to.
    The pros of shaving are that its quick, easy and painless but the biggest con is the regrowth of hair in a few days.
    I personally don't prefer shaving because I get rashes on my skin after, among other problems.
  2. Twee-zing
    This is one of the most popular methods used for 'spot' hair removal and involves pulling out of individual hairs, one at a time. It's usually used on eye brows and the chin area.
    The pros involve a good control for shaping and the con is that its painful, causes redness and you have to re-tweeze again in a few days.
    I personally tweeze my uni-brow and feel that its an effective way.
  3. Waxing 
    Waxing involves uprooting hair from below the skin's surface using bee wax. It can be used on any part of the body, from eye-brows to pubic hair.
    The biggest pro of waxing is that it lasts for 2-6 weeks but this method has several cons such as sore skin, redness, pain and ingrown hairs. 
    I personally use waxing to remove my body hairs and am a big fan of it, mainly because I don't have to worry about body hair removal for the next 3-5 weeks. The pain does subside after you get waxed regularly.
  4. Deplatory Creams
    These creams weaken the hair at the skin's surface and all you have to do is to apply them for 5-10 minutes and wipe it off,and your unwanted hair are just gone. These hair removal creams are effective, but are like shaving in a way.
    The pros involve it being painless, quick and cheap and the cons involve it being messy, high on harmful chemicals, bad smell, etc.
    I have had a very bad experience with hair removal creams and would advise you not to opt for them.
  5. BleachingBleaching isn't a way to remove hair, but is a way to mask unwanted hair by making them lighter. This method can be used on arms and upper lips and is painless, but does  involve the use of chemicals.
    The pro of this technique is that it lasts 2-6 weeks.I regularly do bleach the hair on my face, like those on my upper lips and this is a good way to conceal them.
  6. SugaringSugaring is similar to waxing but the paste is made by using sugar, lemon and water and mixing them together. It has the same pros and cons as waxing does.
  7. Electrolysis This involves the use of a needle-like probe which is a conductor for electric current to pass through into the hair follicle to make it inactive. This technique is best for a small area.
    The pro is that it is a permanent solution and the biggest con is the intensity of pain involved.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 Ways to Beat Wrinkles and Have Younger Looking Skin

Wrinkles are something that every woman just hates, and these days women in their early 20s are getting premature wrinkles! I have compiled a list of 10 things that you can do and incorporate in your skincare routine to beat those wrinkles and have healthy skin. 

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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles
  1. Sun Protection
    Sun exposure is the single biggest cause of skin aging! You need to apply sunscreen everyday to prevent wrinkles.
    Applying sunscreen once won't help either. You need to apply it twice a day if you plan to stay indoors and once every 2-3 hours if you plan to stay outdoors

     8 Easy Lifestyle Changes for Perfect Skin
  2. Stop Smoking
    Smoking causes cancer among other things, but it is also extremely harmful for your skin and plays a big role in causing wrinkles. Smoking actually speeds up the aging process by stripping the skin of oxygen and slows down the regeneration of new cells. If you are not a smoker, make sure to stay away from places where people are likely to smoke, as it has a similar effect.
  3. Deep Cleanse
    You need to ensure that your skin is clean and is clear of dead cells, dirt, makeup, etc. for a youthful and fresh glow. Don't use harsh products as they may irritate your skin and make problems worse. Choose a cream-based cleanser and deep cleanse your skin at least twice a week to avoid wrinkles.
  4. Deep Moisturize
    You need to deeply moisturize your skin on a weekly basis. You can use nourishing mask or apply a thicker layer of your regular moisturizer and leave it onto your skin for 10-15 minutes and then remove excess moisture using a tissue.
  5. Boost Circulation
    Use a gentle face scrub or an exfoliating scrub and use it at least once a week to keep the surface of the skin clean. This also increases the flow of blood on the top layer of your skin and ensures cell renewal.
  6. Disguise Lines
    Since nothing else can be done about the fine lines that you already have, you can disguise them using light-reflecting foundations, concealers and powders.
  7. Pamper Yourself Regularly
    Treat your skin from time to time and get facials often. You should also try serums and anti-aging creams.
  8. Change Skin Care According to the Weather
    Extremely cold or hot weather strips your skin off moisture, leaving it dry and prone to damage. Central heating can also have the same effect on your skin. Make sure to moisturize regularly and change products according to the weather, Try using oil-based creams in the winter and light-weight creams in the summer.
  9. Be Gentle
    You need to be gentle with your skin, especially the skin around your eyes. Always apply moisturizer in upward strokes and avoid products which irritate your skin.
  10. Clever Makeup 
    Use make up which contains SPF protection and which also contains skin nourishment ingredients. 
Do you find these tips useful? Is there anything you'd like me to add? 
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

8 Easy Lifestyle Changes for Perfect Skin

Do you get jealous of people who always have clear and flawless skin? Well, here are 8 simple but easy changes which you can make in your daily routine to achieve flawless and perfect skin in a matter of a few days without going in for expensive beauty treatments and what not! 
There are a lot of beauty tips out there but these 8 changes helped me achieve a clearer skin and you should try them too!

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How to Get Clear Skin

  1. Clean Everything That Touches Your Face
    We all take things like changing pillow covers weekly for granted, but what we don't know is that they actually contribute to pimples and a lot of nasty stuff on our skin. For a perfect skin you should:

    > Clean your cell phone daily
    We all keep touching our phones all day, everyday and all that dirt from our fingertips gets       transferred onto our screens. Just imagine the amount of bacteria on your cell phone screen! Just wipe it down with an alcoholic wipe or invest in a cell phone screen cleaning formula.

    > Wash your towels weekly
    You should have two towels, one for your body and another for your face and make sure to wash them every week or twice a week for achieving that perfect skin you envy.

    > Wash your Pillowcase weekly
        Your pillowcase contains a lot of transfer oils from hair and skin products among other things, so you should wash them weekly if you don't want to get breakouts.
  2. Always Wear Sunscreen
    If you are under the false notion that you're safe from the sun inside your car and office, then I am sorry to tell you that you aren't. UVA Rays of the sun penetrate through glass and actively age our skin, so I would advise you to wear an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen with a broad spectrum.
    You should ideally wear a sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure and apply it twice a day if you plan on spending the day indoors  or apply it between 2-3 hours  if you're going to be outdoors.
  3. Pay Attention To Your Face When Showering
    We all make the common mistake of shampooing and conditioning our hair after washing our face, but little do we know that it's one of the factors which keeps us from getting the perfect skin we crave.
    Acne is also a result of the hydrating ingredients in our shampoos and conditioners which drip onto our face and forehead while we're showering and clog our pores. Make sure to wash your face after you shampoo and condition your hair.
  4. Don't Unnecessarily Touch Your Face
    Touching your face maybe a habit, but you need to avoid it at all costs in order to get clear skin.
    Picking your pimples directly leads to pimple marks and eventually acne scars on your face.
    Rubbing your eyelids will cause inflamed and sensitive eyelids which leads to puffy eyes.
    Touching your face causes transfer of bacteria from your hands to your face which may cause pimples and clogged pores.
  5. Exfoliate
    I would recommend that you exfoliate your skin at night in order to reduce the post exfoliation sun sensitivity. Exfoliating at night also helps with the action of serums and night creams.
    Regular exfoliation not only removes excessive sebum, debris and makeup from your skin, but also helps you get rid of all the environmental toxins throughout the day.
    But make sure you:
    > Use a gentle exfoliator
    > Don't scrub and apply pressure
    > Exfoliate 2-3 times a week
    You should also try body scrubs for smooth skin all over your body.
  6. Always Remove Your Makeup Before BedSometimes you're just too lazy to get off the bed and remove your make up, so keep some makeup removal wipes on your nightstand.
    I personally wash my face the moment I enter my house and make sure I never go to bed with a full face of makeup.
  7. Eat Well
    You must eat 3 meals a day and then some snacks in between. Your breakfast must be the biggest meal of your day, your lunch should be smaller than the breakfast and your dinner must me the smallest meal of the day.
    You should never skip meals  if you want to have perfect skin, because a perfect skin is always reflects a good diet,
    Make sure you moderate your intake of dairy, gluten, refined sugars and excessive salts as they wreak havoc on your skin and may lead to blotchy, red, broken out and puffy skin.
    Eat fresh meals, increase intake of greens and leafy vegetables and antioxidants.

    Diet for Healthy Skin

  8. Reduce the Stress in Your Life
    Too much stress is bad for you and your skin. (there is a thing called good stress which gets you working and motivated, its called eustress, look it up!) 
    Better sleeping habits have been linked with the reduction of stress, which leads to a balance in your life and also, perfect skin!
    A good night's sleep can reduce puffiness, excessive sebum production, and inflammation.
    To get a good night's sleep you should:
    >  Stop ingesting caffeine after 4 pm
    >  Have dinner before 7 pm
    > Not have your phone near you when you go to bed
    Also, you should deal with the stress and look for the solutions to your problems to reduce it, rather than freaking out about it. 
I hope these skin care tips help you in achieving the perfect skin that you want, but be sure to be CONSISTENT to see the results.